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Our retired Pug history

Pug Female - CH. Zuma
CH. Zuma
Zuma is out of Elevage Larochelle. She is a bit shy and still needs to make her place in the pack. She is one of our most promising dog for the show rings.
We started conformation shows with Zuma this year. With a lot of work and training with obtain her Canadian championship on September 3rd 2012 in Cornwall under judge Michael Canalizo.
We would like to thank Maggy Grenon for being able to bring out Zuma`s potential and beauty in the show rings.
Pug Female - CH. Arya (Drageltik’s Pretty Little Liar)
CH. Arya (Drageltik’s Pretty Little Liar)
Arya, Born on January 24th 2014, is our first Champions daughter, born to Falkor and Lya. Arya is our little ball of fire, very playful and always on the move. She will start her career this fall 2014. Let’s hope she will follow in her parents footsteps.
Pug Female - CH. Caissy
CH. Caissy
Caissy comes from Pugsy de Clair. She is the shyest dog we own, but very much outgoing. She debuted the show ring in 2013. She won a best of breed under Judge Joy Hodgkinson, defeating the two males special present, including our own Falkor.
She is Cynder’s half sister.
Pug Female - CH. Lya
CH. Lya
Lya is also from Elevage Larochelle, she was automatically accepted, like if she had always been part of the pack. More independent then some other dogs she will show her affection lying at your feet. She can play with the younger ones and snooze with the older. She gave us her first litter in October 2011. Her and Kira whelped a few days apart and share education and training of their puppies.
We started conformation shows with Lya this year. With a lot of work and training with obtain her Canadian championship on june 22nd 2012 in Trois-Rivières under judge Martin Doherty.
Female Pug - Zoreille


Zoreille was born on June 1st 2008.
Unfortunately our little dog didn’t have life easy. At birth her Mom, Nikki, tried to move her and snipped off half an ear, which needed complete amputation and was done by Norm and Yves.
Rejected, it was Pimprenelle that took her in along with her 2 week old litter, we also pitched in and help with the feedings. She was the first to be reserved from her litter, but since it never happens alone, while playing with her siblings one of her eyes was scratched and she had an ulcer, for four months she was on antibiotics due to her eyes and pneumonias.
Today she is healthy and full of energy; her corneas have healed but do need daily maintenance. She is now part of our family, and has her place in the pack. We think her missing ear makes her charming.
On February 12th 2010 Zoreille gave us her first litter. She gave birth fairly easily with a little motivation. She is a wonderful and affectionate Mom.
Female Pug - Lotus


Lotus comes from our breeding. Her and sister Jinx are inseparable. Lotus is stubborn yet docile. Jealous at time, extremely energetic, she can break a tennis ball in the blink of an eye, and she loves to dig holes in the garden. She hates when cats are out of reach and that she can’t play with them.
Female Pug - Betty


Betty is a very hyperactive dog that sometimes thinks she’s a kangaroo. She can easily join Jinx and Lotus in their plays and then join us on the couch for a few hugs.
Betty gave us her first litter on august 13th 2010, this first delivery went pretty well and fast, but adaptation took a bit longer.
Betty did not accept her puppies right away, it took a lot of patience and pull out a few tricks for her to finally accept her puppies and know what to do. She proved to us that she could be an extraordinary mom, with a little help from us.
Female Pug - Cynder


May i present to you Drageltik’s fire n’ice Cynder. This little princess is our pride. At 9 months she won Best puppy in show specialty, at the New Brunswick competition for the National pug club of Canada, under Judge Pamela Bruce.
Cynder is Caissy’s half sister, but she is nothing like her, dynamic, playful, expressive and barks away her fun.
Female Pug - Yuki
Yuki is part of the new generation. Daughter of Sybelle and Drakko, she is in co-ownership with Mrs. Marie-Claude Guy.
Marie is very much implicated in our breeding, she is always there to land a hand and help us at the best of her knowledge. We share custody of Yuki, since she is still young being part of the pack helps her spend her extra energy being here for now.
Female Pug - Dragonne
Dragonne comes from our breeding. First show quality generation, we started training her for the ring at 5 months. She gained her very first point in april 2012 and best of breed on may 27th 2012 in Thetford Mines under judge Rick Fehler. We are very proud of our little princess and hope to finish her Canadian championship in 2013.
Pug Kira
Kira joined our family in October 2010, she is our little rascal, as she started her life in a kennel and has never lived in a house before this is a complete change for her. With our help and help from the pack she is learning pretty quickly, every day brings new discoveries for her and us. Still to this day Kira asks a lot of hugs and attention.
Kira gave us her fist litter in October 2011, her and Lya whelped a few days apart. They shared caring and training of their puppies.
Kira is now retired and lives in Terrebonne along with Jinx
Pug Jinx
Jinx comes from our breeding. Her and sister Lotus are inseparable. Jinx is more reserved and thoughtful, delicate and agile, energetic and enthusiastic.
She explores a lot and quickly figured out how to jump on the kitchen table. She is the cats accomplice and it didn’t take long for them to take advantage of that.
Jinx is unable to reproduce so she is now retired.
Jinx is now retired and lives in Terrebonne along with Kira

Male Pug - king
King comes from elevage Larochelle. He is a very protective dog but mostly affectionate. He managed to become part of the pack of if it costed him a few hairs getting accepted by Drakko. King will bring new blood and especially Fawn puppies to our lines.
King is now retired ans lives in Montreal along with another pug.

Pug Saphyra
Saphyra is part of the new generation, she is out of Betty and Drakko, she as the voice and caractere, but you can’t triy a fast one on her. She can’t deny that she is Betty’s daughter when you she her jump.
Due to a juvenile cataract Saphyra will retire.

Pug Pimprenelle
Pimprenelle was our first; she was originally adopted to help our son Vincent with his speaking trouble.
She grew her first year alone with us and the cats. The cats for that period treated her like if she was one of them. Still to this day, even if she knows she is a dog, she has her moments when she thinks she could be a cat.
Pimprenelle is an awesome Mom, she won’t hesitate if she has to take in a puppy from another litter. But do not ask her to share hers.
Pimprenelle is now retired but since she is our matriach she will stay with us and grow old and happy.

Pug Nikki
Nikki is a survivor; she was not mistreated, but wrongly over feed, when we welcomed her she weighed nearly 30 pounds, which is enormous for a Pug.
We changed her feedings added exercises and walks. Today she is approximately 18 pounds, depending on how fast she gets back into shape after giving birth.
Nikki is glued to us but not always delicate, when she decides to come over, she jumps and just crashes herself on us!
She is a wonderful Mom, patient but firm with her puppies. Compared to Pimprenelle, she gives them less free will, that often gives us litters that are weaned early and as well as house broken quickly.
Nikki as gone over to the dogs rainbow bridge on November 18th 2010.

Pug Bouffy
Bouffy was our first stud, big huggable teddy bear. He is the father of Zoreille, Jinx and Lotus. He was retired April 2010, at the age of 7, Bouffy took a well-deserved retirement. He was adopted by a loving family who welcomed him with a lot of love and offered him a home worthy of a king.

Carlin Sybelle
Sybelle comes from a family similar to Betty. She is also de vocalized, but that doesn't stop her from getting noticed.
Sybelle defines delicacy, finesse and softness. She is cuddly and always in need of affection. She has to always be the first to come and say hello.
Sybelle gives birth like a cat, she is also a neat freak, you have to watch her when she as a litter, she cleans them up til her lips are chapped and bleeding.
Sybelle is now retired and leaves in Kamouraska.

Pug Bess
Bess joined our family on December 2009, she comes from a family that replaced her for a smaller dog.
She gave us her first litter on May 31st 2010, she is a considerate and protective mom, she inspired and gave her puppies her joy of life. Bess is our most diplomatic and guard dog, she is always on the look-out and gives the first alert.
Bess is now retired and lives on a farm and enjoys doing herding with the resident cows.

Pug Noochy
Noochy is another of our survivors. We adopted her from another breeder whom also took her from someone before. This poor girl has just moved around a lot.
She was de-vocalized very young by her first master, still it is pretty funny to see her trying to bark or even try.
Noochy is a very emotional dog, she will react to the extreme on emotions that come from other pets or people surrounding her. She is always the first one to try to break up a fight.
She gaves us 2 healthy litters, pregnancy were never a problem with her, but whelping was something else. We decided it was best for her to retire, she was adopted by friends of ours, she now shares her home in Trois-Rivières with a Chihuahua, whom she sometimes treats like one of her pups.

Pug Drakko
Drakko was born November 16th 2008 and he is our new stud.
He joined us from Élevage Pugsy. He has this permanent sad look, but knows how to prove to us that it doesn’t take away from his cleverness.
He was adopted right away into the family by Pimprenelle, Zoreille and the cats. Yet another dog that thinks from time to time that he is a cat. He loves to jump on the living room tables and even sometimes the kitchen table. He has a passion for chasing butterflies.
Drakko is always in need of affection and loves to run and go for walks. Now a little older he calmed down a bit, but show him the leash and you’ll see that he still has energy for more.
He is now retired and now lives in Niagara Falls.

Pug Onyxia
Onyxia comes from Pugsy Clair, she is playful and determined to make her place, she can also be reserved at times. She loves to show us her affection. She was part of the dams who were going to take over, unfortunately an Inguinal hernia forced us to retire her before we could add her to our breeding program.
Onyxia is retired and lives in Terrebonne.

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